Case Study


















Architect: OKB

Location: 888 West 6th Street, 6th Floor
                      Los Angeles, CA 90017

Application: Conference Room

Tudelu Specs: UP46, Felt #425

Size: 28’ wide x 10’ high

The Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA) is the largest plaintiffs’ attorneys local group in the country. The association educates and connects its members through its website and programming, which provide advice and networking options. It also assists its members through a community of support and opportunity for plaintiffs’ attorneys to gain strategies, ideas and referrals from their peers.

CAALA’s faced a dilemma regarding its facility, which provides spaces for attorneys to meet, share ideas and network. Its main meeting area is big enough to fit well over 100 members, which is perfect for the association’s large conferences. But at times the space is useful as a more intimate setting for as few as 20 members to gather in small groups for training sessions or board meetings. The abil- ity to transform the space fo multipurpose use, along with the need for privacy and security despite the tem- porary changes, were essential to the project. CAALA found exactly what it needed with Tudelü.

The association turned to Tudelü to develop a seamless and professional looking retractable wall that would transform its wide open room into a multipurpose space that serves as conference room, board meeting area, training classroom, office and event space. After consult- ing with the architects and design team, Tudelü installed a customized system that creates the exact environment CAALA needed.

A few temporary retractable walls later, CAALA has the space of the future. The large, open meeting and gath- ering area is seamlessly expansive. But with the flick of a switch, walls dramatically drop from the ceiling, dividing the space with Tudelü double partition, in order to hold smaller events. The Tudelü walls give CAALA the adapt- ability and flexibility it needed to maximize its space for its important work.