Go big or
go room

Tudelü walls enable you to transform the size, feel, and purpose of your environment so it suits the space you need right now.

And whatever space you’ll need next.

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The Big Idea

We’re committed to solve your commitment issues

Finally, rooms are no longer permanent. A wall is no longer a structural commitment. With Tudelü, you can be in two places—at once.

Sometimes you want walls.

We get it: Life often demands the privacy, peace and quiet, and general usability of a dedicated space.

Sometimes you want none.

Hey, we’re open if you are! Who doesn’t love a big floor plan, great idea room, or an oversized playroom?

Sometimes you want options.

In the olden days, you had to choose a wall, a door, or an open space. Now, there’s Tudelü. The choice is yours.

Use Cases

Get more mileage out of
the same square footage.


Stop trying to balance life and work. Move from living area to workspace at the flick of a switch or the click of a remote.


Never again allocate dead space during construction or sacrifice space to part-time use cases. Get the most out of every square foot.


Seamlessly move between industrial zones and social spaces to give your facilities and your teams more of what they need throughout the day.


Invented in New York. Made in the USA. Installed worldwide.

Patented and awarded, Tudelü is an American invention celebrated globally.

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