Retractable Partition Walls


Hide anything
you like. Highlight
all you love.

Group (2)
Durable Material

Custom composite creates a strong, sturdy wall

Group (3)
Complete Coverage

Hide a low-use area with absolutely no visibility

Layer_1 (1)
Sealed Border

Stopped edges seal off every side for true stability and closure 

Layer_1 (2)
Rich Colors

Completely smooth material offers great style and function



Create a truly
versatile space.


  • Tudelü-Developed Wall Panels
    for durable, dense, yet lightweight closure.
  • Taut stretch (magnets + weights)
    for easy, stationary division.
  • Single sided decor finish
    for reversible background options.
  • Glides along side tracks
    for ultra-quiet closure.
  • Tiny 10”x10” total housing
    for super compact spaces.
  • Measures up to 10’Hx20’W
    for optimized installation.


  • Glides along side tracks
    for ultra-quiet closure.
  • Tiny 10"x10" total housing
    for super compact spaces.
  • Measures up to 10’Hx20’W
    for optimized installation.

Walls that move you™

Closure Series DNA

Single-Sided Finish

Striking finish
for an elegant wall that completes your space

Up to 10'H x 20'W

Lightweight and rapid retracting, with a max coverage of 20 feet wide by 10 feet high

10"x10" Housing

Takes up very little ceiling space, with just 10"x10" for our most compact housing

Easy Retrofitting

Effortless install for new construction or retrofit
over a variety of surfaces

Add some color


An ideal neutral tone that blends easily with existing decor. 




This crisp, white weave is as fresh as the fallen snow.




A classic, dark gray that is perfect for accent walls.




These soothing earth tones calm offices, bedrooms, & more.



To meeting

To yoga


Part of the
Tudelü Family

1-Touch Switch/Remote

Fully open and close your wall with a single click of your remote or wall switch. Tudelü walls can be operated in groups or one by one.

Premium, Durable Materials

Minimalistic designs meet hardwearing materials for a lifetime of beautiful function, including powder coated extruded aluminum.

Stable GripRail Technology

Our innovative rail system guides your wall along its entire height, ensuring the fabric is kept taut and providing superior stability.

Internet-of-Things Ready

Integrate Tudelü into your IoT rooms, scenes, and systems through native compatibility with smart devices and other tech.


The floor is open

Will the box for my Closure wall be visible?
Technically, yes. Thankfully, our wall housings are designed to look sleek and appealing without the need to hide them! The housing is only 10” x 10”, making it perfect for tiny spaces.  If you don’t want your box to be visible, you may be able to recess the box into your ceiling—depending on the depth of your ceiling—or you can cover the box as desired. 
Do I need a beam to install a Closure wall?
No additional structures are needed to install a Closure wall. In fact, the unit is designed to be supported by the ceiling with most weight on both ends.
How durable is Closure?
Closure walls are very durable! If you’re looking for something even sturdier, check out our other collections!
Can you lean on a Closure wall?
Yes! Closure is very sturdy and stable—great for leaning.
How do I clean my Closure wall?
You can wipe off any marks with plain water on a standard cleaning cloth or sponge. If needed you can also use a dilution of soap and water. We recommend not using any highly abrasive cleaning tools or cleaners, to avoid scratching your new wall.
Is a wall switch my only option?
Nope! Closure can also operate with home automation or the app.
How thick is a Closure wall?
Closure walls are 1.5” thick. The housing unit is 10” x 10”, making them perfect for tiny spaces. 
What is the lead time for my order?
Once your order is finalized and the deposit is received, you can expect your new wall to be shipped within 7-9 weeks. If you have questions about this, please contact our customer care team. 
How much power will my Closure wall need?
The Closure wall requires 120 V of power with a standard 12 3 wire. View our electrical structural drawings for more information.
Does Closure have a door/doorway?
Nope! The great thing about Closure walls is that they can be as temporary, or as permanent, as you want them to be. So you won’t need a door!

Closure in use


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