Temporary Soundproof Partition Walls


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Layer_1 (7)
Realistic Feel

Ultra-thick, durable wall you can lean on and even run into

Group (4)
48 STC Soundproofing

Better than a double sheetrock wall with insulation.

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Compact Structure

Wire free and retractable with super simple installation

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Modular Design

Seal automatically adjusts for slanted or shaped flooring 



From oh-so-silent to
"Is anyone in there?"

Mute:   48

  • Five-layer, heavy-duty wall panel
    for ultra-sturdy, easy-clean borders.
  • 48 STC sound barrier
    for effective soundproofing.
  • 4" total wall thickness
    for durable, lightweight closure.
  • 26” x 14” total housing
    for truly maximized space.
  • Measures up to 40’ x 13’
    for optimized installation.
  • Feels like regular, finished wall
    for a stylish, decor-friendly look.


  • 14"Hx26"W total housing
    for truly maximized space.
  • Measures up to 14’Hx40’W
    for optimized installation.
  • Feels like regular, finished wall
    for a stylish, decor-friendly look.

Walls that move you™

Series DNA

Up to 48 STC

Use adjacent spaces for different purposes with no sound leak

Five-Layer Vinyl

Feels like a solid wall you can lean on and bump against

Modular Delivery

Smart design and packaging for easy delivery to install site

Professional Install

Requires construction and an i-beam or one of our other options

Add some color


An ideal neutral tone that blends easily with existing decor. 




This crisp, white weave is as fresh as the fallen snow.




A classic, dark gray that is perfect for accent walls.




These soothing earth tones calm offices, bedrooms, & more.



To dance

To executive

To therapy

Part of the
Tudelü Family

1-Touch Switch/Remote

Fully operate your wall with a click of your wall switch or home automation setup. Tudelü walls can be operated in groups or one by one.

Premium, Durable Materials

Minimalistic designs meet hardwearing materials for a lifetime of beautiful function, including powder coated extruded aluminum.

Stable GripRail Technology

Our innovative rail system guides your wall along its entire height, ensuring the fabric is kept taut and providing superior wind stability.

Internet-of-Things Ready

Integrate Tudelü into your IoT rooms, scenes, and systems through native compatibility with smart devices and other tech


The floor is open

Will the box for my Mute wall be visible?
Technically, yes. Thankfully, our wall housings are designed to look sleek and appealing without the need to hide them! The housing box is only 14”Hx26”W, making it great for standard spaces.  If you don’t want your box to be visible, you may be able to recess the box into your ceiling—depending on the depth of your ceiling. 
Do I need a beam to install a Mute wall?
An I-Beam or similar structure is recommended when installing your Mute wall. See our concept structural drawings for more information.
How durable is Mute?
Our Mute walls are very durable! The heavy-duty wall panels measure about 4  inches thick (This includes double-layer paneling with a space in between), making it completely soundproof and sight-proof.
Can you lean on a Mute wall?
Yes! The extra-durable vinyl material makes Mute feel like a completely solid wall that you can lean on—and even bump against.
How do I clean my Mute wall?
You can wipe off any marks with plain water on a standard cleaning cloth or sponge. If needed you can also use a dilution of soap and water. We recommend not using any highly abrasive cleaning tools or cleaners, to avoid scratching your new wall.
Does Mute have any safety features?

For increased safety, look into our laser safety sensors as part of our ad-on options found here

Is remote operation my only option?
Nope! Mute can also operate with home automation or the app.
How thick is a Mute wall?
Mute walls are about 4” thick, depending on the version you choose. The housing box is only 26” x 14”, making it great for standard spaces.
What is the lead time for my order?
Once your order is finalized, you can expect your new wall to be shipped within 7-9 weeks. If you have questions about this, please contact our customer care team
How many Watts will my Mute wall need?
The Mute wall requires 120 V of power.  our structural Electricaldrawings for more information.
Can I get a door within the wall?
Can I integrate my Mute System into my home automation platform?
Yes! Our latest home automation module, part of our ad-on items can not only integrate into most systems but also includes our laser safety sensors as part of the package. For more details please contact our sales team by clicking here.

Mute in use


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