Tudelu DECO is your perfect decorative enclosure to hide away anything from a kitchenette when not in use to closet space for a seamless enclosure. With a variety of fabric finishes to chose from to customizing it with your own print or graphic, Tudelu DECO is a state of the art system to close or section off areas with an optimal esthetic.



The DECO uses proven quality materials and follows a modern and minimalistic design. The hardware is made of durable aluminum extrusions and powder coated for longetivity. The modern design and compact housing technology ensure that your DECO will function and look beautiful for many years to come.

Rail System

With its innovative rail-system technology, the wall is guided along the entire height. This ensures that the wall fabric is always taut while providing superior wind stability.

Wall Switch

Control your DECO in single or groups with easy to operate wall switches.

Remote Control

Operate your DECO with a remote control, and you can open and close one or more at a time.

Smart Devices

Control your DECO wall with a smart phone or tablet! With myLink, it is easy to transform your experience with Somfy-powered motorized solutions and maximize the benefits that they provide, such as energy savings, privacy, comfort and convenience. The myLink puts you in control, so that you can operate your motorized walls with your favorite mobile device whether you are home or not.




DECO Applications

Office / Library / Meeting Area / Kitchens / Bed Rooms

>> No line formation in the fabric
>> Patented Zip system
>> Width and height up to 20 ft
>> Easily installs over a variety of surfaces