We chose this name not just because it is fun to say,
but because the valediction implies transience.
With Tudelü, you get space how and when you want it. Hello. Goodbye. See you soon.

Tudelü is leading the evolution of space.

With motorized fully retractable walls that increase visual privacy while simultaneously absorbing sound, you can now do more with your space than ever. And with over 100 color, fabric and pattern combinations, they're as gorgeous as they are functional.

Perfect for
  • Homes

  • Offices

  • Schools

  • Hotels

  • Event Spaces

  • Restaurants


Our aim was to create a simple room partition that maximizes privacy, blocks out sound, is beautiful to look at and easy to use.


Motor operated by remote control or key mechanism that brings your Tudelü up and down in seconds.

Made For You

Fully customizable to your unique taste, from colors to patterns to fabrics.


Vertically operated to roll up into a 12 inch space in your ceiling, Tudelü walls virtually disappear without a trace.


We got rid of the floor tracks for minimal mess to your flooring on install and seamless look when retracted.


Maximized privacy with several sound blocking options (31 and 46 STC) and tracks specially designed to trap noise.

The Architect

In the heart of Williambsurg Brooklyn, in a small garage workshop, sits our inventor. Hair unkempt, full-bearded and rough around the edges, Joel Klein, the charismatic yet eccentric Tudelu Tinkerer, revolutionizes how we think of space.

Imagining, inventing, patenting and constructing pliable walls, often from a multitude of conventionally solid materials, Joel won't let practicality get in the way of possibility. Working for years overseeing the intricacies of architecture and construction projects, Joel became intimately familiar with the various needs of living and office spaces. Finding the solution to our dilemma has been Joel's life's work.