Tudelü is a remote-controlled wall that moves up and down at your whim.

Whether you need some space to free your mind or you want to ruminate within your walls, you’re always free to be as you please.

Get your space


  • Enjoy a natural, unobtrusive separation
  • Create a room at the press of a button
  • Open up the ultimate entertaining space
  • Make a huge change with little effort—and little noise
  • Experience a soundproof wall that can come and go at your whim
  • Limitless possibilities with an array of materials, patterns, and colors
  • Remodeling and Home Design

Like the walls you've known, only better

High & mighty

The material-layered wall has sturdy crossbars to give its customizable size a strong and secure command

Sound options

SOUND BLOCK: Blocks out common day-to-day noise.
ULTRA BARRIER: Soundproof. Blocks out noise, almost entirely.

Remote Controlled

Command your wall with the sleek design of the Tudelü hand control. Press a button to go up. Press the button to go down. Hello. Goodbye.

Up & down

The Tudelü wall takes less than 30 seconds to go up or down and delivers a soft hum while it performs the wish that is your command.


Our Tudelü experts deliver and install the wall. All you have to do is make way.


The wall arrives in three panels, so that assembly can be easy, breezy—and just right. Everything will snap right into place to give you the perfect wall. That is, until you don’t want it there at all.


Unlike a traditional wall, our technology is guaranteed. Your Tudelü wall will function with grace—that’s our promise.

One wall,
Many options

True to its flexible nature, the Tudelü wall can be customized to suit its surroundings.
Choose from alternate patterns and prints, magnetic or white board materials, and panels in different finishes.