Reconfigure any space
with the disappearing wall

Looks like a standard wall, made of beautiful, durable materials.

Would you like to see it? Feel it?

Yes! Send me a wall sample

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There’s been lots of talk
about rethinking design

Will design shift dramatically post-pandemic? No one really knows.

But this we do know.
As a space-planner, you’re one of the most adaptive people on the planet. If you need flexible solutions at your fingertips, you’ll be sure to have ’em.

Client needs both open areas and private chambers in the same space?
No longer sure how the building will be used?
Don’t lock in the dimensions.

Future-proof your projects with a Tudelü

A motor-operated, retractable wall transforms your space in seconds.

Go high, go wide

Tudelüs work well in many applications, including co-working spaces, eateries, universities, and private homes. Standard heights are up to 12′, and widths up to 40′! Need to size up? Custom orders our pleasure!

Effective sound control

Soundproofing if you need it, lightweight if you don’t. With products rated up to 53 STC, people on one side of the Tudelü can work undisturbed even while there’s a conference happening on the other side.

Won't eat your floor and ceiling space

When space is tight, you don’t want a hefty system. A Tudelü rolls right into its 12″ ceiling housing, leaving ample space to run piping, ducts and cables. No complex workarounds!

Withstands impact

Kick it! Punch it! Bang It! A Tudelü is no pushover. The dual wall system rolls down like 2 rolls of Bounty, 4-6 inches apart. Feel comfortable speccing the product for any use, kid-zones included.

No floor tracks to trip people up or collect grime.

No bulky panels that need more support + storage space than you can afford.

No disgruntled client complaining about the difficulty in moving or maintaining a cumbersome system.

Simply a vibrant, on-trend, customizable space solution!

Choose from 100+ updated finishes, including felt, Chilewich and classic patterns in many colors.
Aiming for a specific vibe? Customize with on-brand graphics for a distinctive ambiance.

“For WB Collective, a co-work office environment in New Orleans, we wanted to brand the rooms separately. So we customized each Tudelü with different graphics and colors to identify the various spaces. When the client decided to change the graphics, it was simple! With a Tudelü, you can just change the face and not have to remove all your panels and replace them. That’s pretty convenient. Even their standard finishes are vibrant and trendy. You can find something a lot more appealing than in the standard offerings you get in other systems.”

-Kris Lowry
Designer at Perez, APC

Offer your client a Tudelü and watch their eyes light up

Every project presents a space riddle, but that’s what you’re there for, right? Your clients look to you for smart solutions, and for good reason. They know you keep abreast of industry innovations and keep all their requirements in mind, even the sometimes conflicting requirements.

When your solution allows for both open areas AND multi-use conferencing rooms within the same space, and it is

  • visually appealing
  • comfortably within budget
  • bleach-cleanable and antimicrobial

…you’re hailed as their hero!

Emerge from lockdown stronger
than ever

It’s been a quiet couple of months in the A&D industry.
Worksites shut, plans on hold, staff all home.

Quiet time, for any creative, can be a blessing.
Think of it as an opportunity to press a giant reset button. 
Come back full of energy, fresh ideas, and contagious team spirit.
(But nothing else contagious, please ; )

Depending where you are,
projects might finally be starting to come alive again.

Let’s create environments that will be as
relevant in ten years as they are today.

“Architecture has to mediate between the perceived needs of the moment versus the unknowable needs of the future.”
Kim Tingley, NY Times, June 2020

Earn your clients’ admiration by
specifying an atypical space solution.

In two years, when they return for yet
another project, you can expect to hear,

Want a sample on hand?

Have a specific project in mind? We’d love to hear more about it! Reach out at, or by calling 718.782.7882.