Solace Spa

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Location: Solace Spa 1201 Main St.,
Tewksbury, Massachusetts

Application: Spa

Tudelu Specs: UP31, Custom Print

Size: 18’ wide x 10’ high

Solace Spa, a state-of-the-art wellness center in Tewksbury, MA, believes in providing a calming environment that creates a holistic wellness experience for guests. With treatments with nurturing creams and essential oils, massages for relaxation and saunas for detoxification, Solace is a full service spa that goes the extra mile.

Owner and director James Wu, faced several challenges with the layout of his space. Separating reception from the relaxation and treatment area was a given, but he also wanted to have the ability to open that space for events or other functions. He needed a temporary wall that offered acoustic properties, so that, when separated, the two rooms are distinct, private and tranquil. Due to limited space, James required a room separation that would not stack at the side of the room, creating a bulky obstruction when opened. He also desired the ability to fully customize the separator like he could any wall, with his logo and branding displayed proudly. He found this and a whole lot more in Tudelü.

James approached Tudelü for a retractable wall solution. James’s needs were hardly unique, but it was his unwillingness to compromise that made him special. We had to make sure the system was seamless and simple, while providing all the functional elements required for privacy and flexibility. Working with the archi-tect and design firm LDL Studio, Inc., Tudelü set out to customize a wall to fit the aesthetic and functional needs of James’s space, with the objective of meeting all his needs and compromising on none of the details.

Solace Spa now has a Tudelü wall as a backdrop for the entry space, indistin-guishable from the rest of the walls and proudly boasting the Solace Spa logo at its center. With the click of a button, the entire wall disappears completely into the ceiling, creating a seamless event space out of multiple rooms. Solace Spa also uses Tudelü operable walls to separate treatment rooms, allowing them to expand the single rooms for couples or joint treatments.

Solace Spa 1201 Main St., Tewksbury, Massachusetts |