Operable Partitions

by Tudelü

Tudelu UP is an operable partition that offers consumers a
beautiful way to divide multiuse spaces. Our motorized,
retractable partitions create a sophisticated system that is easy
to install, easy to operate and 100% customizable to your space.
Proudly manufactured in the United States, our partitions
provide the privacy, sound control, and the flexibility to transform
your room in seconds.


Operable partitions allow you to optimize any room and can be used in a variety of residential, commercial and hospitality spaces.

  • Residential

    Our operable partitions are the perfect solution to creating private spaces out of larger rooms. Use it to carve out quiet home offices, temporary guest rooms, extra storage spaces and block noise from home theaters.

  • Commercial

    Tudelu UP operable partition can be utilized in a slew of commercial spaces, like offices, schools, hospitals, and salons. Conference rooms can be transformed into private offices areas; lectures halls become intimate classrooms, and waiting areas are converted into private consultation rooms, all at the push of a button.

  • Hospitality

    Hotels, restaurants and event spaces are a great fit for our operable partitions. Our retractable walls are used to create private event spaces out of open dining rooms, smaller meeting areas out of large conference rooms and defined sleeping areas out of open-plan guest rooms.

The Tudelü Advantage

  • Customizable

    Our operable partitions come in a rainbow of color, pattern and fabric options. Make our wall system your own by choosing from our library of great designs, or choose your very own photo, pattern or logo to create a panel that is uniquely you. Our walls are always just your size, with widths up to 40’.

  • Impeccable Craftsmanship

    Our operable partitions are crafted to be gorgeous, functional and easy to use. Operated by a simple push of a button or key mechanism, it's as simple as turning on a light. Our systems require only 12” of head space to roll up and no floor tracking, for partitions that disappear almost completely out of sight when not in use.

  • Sound Control

    Our durable yet pliable sound-blocking vinyl is the perfect backdrop on which to create a custom operable partition. Our double and single wall options offer multilayered acoustic control that minimizes noise distraction and adds privacy through sound-blocking options with STC ratings of up to 46.