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Tudelü motorized walls allow you to optimize any room with a custom, motor-operated, retractable wall, that transforms your space in seconds. Tudelü’s walls are fully motorized and retract right into your ceiling in seconds. Our walls come in a rainbow of colors, sound-absorbing fabrics, award-winning patterns, and customizable prints. It is a state-of-the-art and innovative motorized wall that is as beautiful as it is functional, and a great solution for any space.




Tudelü’s retractable walls allow you to turn your open plan office into conference rooms or private workspaces at a moment’s notice, or open it right back up into a collaborative, creative and functional work environment. Tudelü walls are made of patented, sound-blocking materials to minimize noise distraction and increase productivity, and they provide the visual and acoustic privacy we all sometimes need.


Whether you need to split a studio apartment, create some extra storage space for your duplex, add a room to create a temporary nursery, or bring down a wall in the evenings to turn your dining area into a bedroom, Tudelü provides a motorized wall that gives you the flexibility you need.


Our motor operated walls can instantly transform your restaurant into smaller, more intimate spaces that are perfect for private dining experiences or larger, more open ones that are ideal for dance parties or corporate functions. Restaurants can easily adapt to the changing needs of their clients with a Tudelü motorized walls.


Create intimate meeting spaces out of larger common areas, or bring up all the walls to create a sweeping grand ballroom. Tudelü can install a series of motorized walls to make your hotel space work for all occasions, seasons and customers.







The William Vale Hotel

The Challenge

The hotel had a common dilemma: how to get the most function out of a large meeting space. The hotel received frequent requests for large weddings and corporate functions, as well as smaller breakfest meetings, conferences, and private dinner parties.


The Solution

The Tudelü 46 Double System offered the perfect solution. As is the case with many high-rise buildings, head space in the ceiling came at a premium, so the compact 12″ housing was ideal, and neatly tucked away and out of sight. The patented sound-blocking material offered guests on both sides of the wall the privacy they expected. And the sleek, modern design of the Tudelü motorized system blended in seamlessly with the overall hotel aesthetic. Now, the events department can easily book parties, meetings, and functions of all sizes, and meet the changing needs of its clients.