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Humble yet decisive, bold with more than a hint of charm, Filip De Boeck impressively leads a creative team of professionals in the spectacular office of InSites Consulting, an innovative online research agency with a focus on customer-centric collaboration initiatives. Located on the 30th floor of a midtown Manhattan high-rise, the office boasts a spectacular view and a super stylish “concrete garden” inspired design.


Naturally, when it comes to quartering off a section in his otherwise open office for the conference room and lounge area, he choses Tudelü. Not surprisingly, Filip, with a keen eye for design, has a clear vision for the Tudelü wall: a bold graphic facing the lounge area, and felt, in our favorite orange color, for the conference room, for added acoustic benefits.

The space easily transforms into an event space when the wall is open, which InSites uses for larger client events. Filip points out that the Tudelü wall “has not only added to bring color to the space, but as important, the felt covering really helped the acoustics in the conference room. Double benefit!”

Filip concludes that he “would definitely recommend [Tudelü] if you are looking to bring design and functionality together in an affordable way.”

We couldn’t agree more!