Tudelü UP








After much tinkering and product-testing, we have created the acoustic Tudelü UP. With the noise-absorbing capabilities of your conventional walls, you get quiet and privacy when you need it and wide open space when you want it.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Noise barriers are rated by an “STC” or Sound Transmission Classification. Tudelü walls are tested by the independent engineers at Intertek and the results are quite – and quiet – impressive. The single panel Tudelü UP system received an STC rating of 31 and the double panel Tudelü UP received a rating of 46, 53.



The Tudelü Signature Material is the perfect backdrop on which to design a custom wall that fits perfectly into your space. Choose from our many finish options, including paint, felt, or print, or design your own to create a wall that is uniquely yours.




Our Eco Fabrics are made from 100% all natural felted wool, making them earth-friendly, sound absorbing and beautiful options for any room.

3D Lux Felt Collection

3D-Lux Felted Acoustical Fabric offers a fresh, contemporary acoustical wallcovering option to the design community. 3-D Lux is created using 100% recycled polyester fiber to produce a sustainable and creative wallcovering with endless design opportunities.



Designing with both beauty and functionality in mind, Tudelü walls come in an elegant catalog of textures and colors by award-winning textile designer Chilewich. These eco-friendly and bio-degradable, woven patterns are added to Tudelü durable yet pliable vinyl walls, to create a chic, private and sound-proofed environment.

Very Personal Tudelü

Make our wall system your own by personalizing it with your own photo or pattern to perfectly suit your room or print your logo for a fully branded space.








The Tudelü UP decorative options come in an elegant catalogue of retractable decorative room partitions. The Tudelü signature designs enhance any room for a beautiful interior design experience that provides increased privacy while allowing communication.

DECO Collection

Our DECO Collection jacquard fabrics combine rich, textured yarns with traditional patterns to create a color palette of hushed naturals and rich earth tones. Woven from vinyl coated polyester and uncoated polyester yarns, these fabrics are as durable as they are beautiful making them the perfect choice for decorative partitions. Engineered to be antimicrobial, sustainable and low emitting, this is a safe, eco-friendly choice for any space.



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