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Tudelu offers an AIA presentation on Hideway Privacy for architects, qualifying you for continuing education credits. The presentation outlines the features, functions and benefits of operable walls.

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About this Presentation

Privacy is something that every individual or industry requires to some degree. Previously, the only options for creating a flexible form of privacy were to install bulky folding walls or sliding curtains. However, in today’s market, there are many effective solutions available for the needs of different industries. Whether a homeowner needs to accommodate an overnight guest or a business needs to utilize a space for two different purposes, there are lots of cost effective, customizable options available in the form of operable walls.

This course will provide an overview to hideaway privacy and operable walls, discussing the reasons why people may want to divide up space, who might need it, the pros and cons of current options available, the benefits of retractable walls, and the different solutions available..